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                                                                      Terry ( A member of plan A ) got married with Kun in Jan 2005


Dear Kun Bee.
Yes,We are married..and live in North Carolina USA.,and yes,you can remove my profile..and thank  again you help me be happiest woman in the world.Terry
and myself could not be more happier!!!!!!..Half-way  around world God send my soul mate in life ;; I pray  to God help me find soulmate and true love in life ..
God use sweet singles for us to meet .. I pray in  thailand .. terry pray in america for life love .. He  is handsome man so I think God send him to sweet singles, we met in may of last year, talk every day by phone and email, (5,000+)emails ;;15th January 2005  this month,  we married in Thailand ;; this we planned,, so  my parents and family could joy with marriage ;; then  we traveled to america where we married again for
terry's family so every one could joy with us ;; Terry  say I am his Thai Angel from God , but I think God make Terry for me . .. .. .. .. .. .. Our Paths in life could not have crossed without the help of God  and the help of your office... because of this we are  thankful .. Love Always, Kun and Terry ... .. .picture
is in our yard my first day in america ;; will send wedding picture with other mail --


> > Dear Kun Terry and Kun,
> >    Here is Bee and I am in the province out of Bangkok.  I received your email that our office forwarded to me.   Congratulation ! 
> > If you would be so kind, I wish
> > you could send us your picture together so we can
> > show you to other members if you allow.
> > We will be very happy to see your pictures too as
> > this would bring a big smile to
> > all of us whenever we hear about our new happy
> > couples.
> >
> >      Are you married ? so we can list you as
> > unavailable lady ?
>  > Bestwishes & regards                                             

> >        Bee


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> Dear Sweet Singles,
>      I went to Thailand in December and Kae and I got married! We went
> to sweet singles in Bangkok. She asked to be removed from the sweet
> singles internet site. . Please remove her profile and
> pictures. If you want you can write: Happily married to American man
> from Colorado. I am very happy man. She is a wonderful lady. We say we
> are both lucky to find each other. She is the most beautiful girl in the
> world. WOW!
> Please remove her profile and pictures-Kae 4798.
> Sincerely, Jeff Lintner.


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