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  II live and work in Nan province in the north of Thailand.

I know Sweet Singles because my best friend told me and I drove my car from the north to visit Sweet Singles office on 16 Oct in person.


All of my pictures in this page taken at Sweet Singles by Sweet Singles Staff in Oct 2005, this year.












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I took my another female friend to join Sweet Singles in person that day too and we were lucky to have a chance to meet with a sweet singles male member from Boston, USA who was coming to Thailand at the same day.     He is nice and sincere in his search for a Sweet Thai Soul Mate in his life because he was in Thailand for the first time when he was 25 years of age or about 28 years ago and never been to Thailand again until today that he decided to come to Sweet Singles to find his Thai wife.

He told us that he like Thai culture and  Thai women that are sweet, friendly and pretty.







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We enjoyed our conversation very much. However, I don't seem to be his type because I have one child.  He is seeking a single woman with no children and especially ,she must like cat too because he has 3 cats at home.  While he is in Thailand for 3 weeks, he hired someone to stay at his home to look after his cats.  Wow , he must sing a song " Love me Love my cats "

My song " Love me Love my son "





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I wish that you could take time to read my profile and I do hope to hear from you.










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In the past, I have been broken hearted and didn't have a successful relationship because my ex-husband is unfaithful to me.  However, this doesn't make me think negatively about love and this doesn't prevent me from searching for Mr.True Soul mate in my life.   I never give up my hope and dream and I think that one day my dream would come true.















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P.SIn the past, I was hot tempered and life didn't seem to be smooth and happy when I was hot tempred. I learn by myself that hot temper doesn't help to make things better and it doesn't seem to be good to the heart and soul. I tried to improve myself and develop my mind.  Now I can touch the peacefulness of my mind that is calm and patient.


If you like what you see and wish to find out more about me, I do hope that you could take time to read my profile.



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