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Welcome to Thailand.

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Hi, How are you today ??  I wonder if you are looking for me ?




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I'm a tall Thai woman.  171 cm tall, 53 kg weigh and in a good shape.




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I've a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, major in Business Computer.




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My good friend who is a Sweet Single Member recommend me to join Sweet Singles as she said that gentlemen here are nice and sincere in seeking Thai soul mates.



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In general, I'm shy and I will never talk to you first if I never known you before.
So, you would need to introduce yourself to me if you would like to know me.



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I'm cheerful, sincere, sweet, compassionate and an animal lover too.




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I'm a Beautician and work part time as a presenter.




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I'm seeking a kind man 30-55 yrs.



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I like a man who is kind, clean, good looking, sincere,
financially stable, gentle, and love animals.




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I don't have my own computer at home but I still wish
to hear from someone that is so nice and handsome like YOU !.




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I'm flexible about having children and I can live anywhere with my soul mate.






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I wish you enjoy viewing my pictures and would like to know me.



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Please don't hesitate to contact me.




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Drop me a line when you have free time !



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