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ASIAN BRIDES from Thailand


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Hi, Happy New Year 2008.
I wish you enjoy viewing all of my pictures & Profile
and wishing that one day I would be your Asian Bride.

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All the best for the year 2008
and forever to you.



















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Wishing that this year would be the lucky year for you and me because we are going to meet with each other and then we would get together soon....


Are you seriously looking for a Thai lifetime partner in your life ?


I'm here waiting for you.....











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My nick name is SAO which means

a young woman in Thai.

Well, I think that I'm not a young girl  and I should already have someone in my life at my age 30.
I wish he could be you who is reading my profile.















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I'm single and

No children.

(Still available for you ! )




















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I'm a tall pretty Thai girl. 171 cm tall, 50 kg weigh.

People said that I've a beautiful smile, slim and in a good shape.

I don't care what other said but this is me, a sincere Thai woman who do wish to have a nice man in my life.

















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I've a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and I like communication.

I can speak, read and write English reasonably well.










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I enjoy reading, making merit and getting exercise.  Would you like to play  basketball with me.














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I have been to US and I took English course for a few months there. Although it was not so long time but this help me to be able to communicate with you in English.











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In general, I'm cheerful, family loving
and talkative.














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I used to work as
a Sale and Marketing and a manager.
















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My hometown is in Surathani which is the south of Thailand.
















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Currently, I'm living alone in Bangkok.





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I'm wishing to find
my soul mate in my life.

I like a man betwenn 35 - 55 yrs.




















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Since I'm quite tall so my future soul mate should be taller than me.
( Again, I'm 171 cm tall. )




















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Since I'm a one man woman so my future soul mate should be a one woman man also. I wish we could have our romantic time together, be faithful, caring, loving, affectionate to each other.















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If you like what you saw and what you read about me, please feel free to ask me anything you would like to know more about me.

















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Hopefully, We would get together soon.














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