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Greetings from Beautiful Northern Thailand.


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Hi, I'm a single Thai woman who like Smiling.   I have no children and
never been married before.



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I'm cheerful, good humored, family loving, hospitable to others and I like to enjoy life.    I can talk to you about anything.




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I enjoy nature, listening to music, watching movies or reading many kinds of books and magazine.



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Well, I wish to tell you that I'm looking for a soul mate or a lifetime partner in my life.   A man of my dream can be between 30-60 yrs.



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I like a man who is cheerful, kind, hospitable to others and not stingy.


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I can speak, read and write English reasonably well so
I wish I could hear from someone.


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I'm willing to live anywhere with my soul mate.



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I would like to have my own child with my future soul mate.



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If you are interested in me, please feel free to contact me.



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I've my own computer and internet at home.     


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