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23 Aug :  Wedding Invitation TO YOU.


13-16 April : Thai traditional New year or we call  " Songkran Festival "

Traditional Thai New Year
(Songkran Festival on APRIL13-15 )
The Traditional Thai New Year is an occasion for merrymaking in Bangkok and other parts of the country with religious ceremonies as well as public festivities. Anyone who ventures out on the streets is likely to get a thorough soaking but all in a spirit of fun and welcome respite at the peak of the hot season.
Many Sweet Singles Ladies may go back to visit their families in their hometowns and enjoy the festival so they may not be able to reply to their mails during this period of time.




3 Mar 07 :  News from  Thai Newspaper ( ข่าว   คนไทยใจซาดิสม์ )


2 Mar 07 :  A kind Australian gentleman found a kind Thai woman from Sweet Singles.


23 Feb 2007 :  Today, A gentelman from " Maldives "  visited Sweet Singles and wished to become a Special Member. Although he seem to worry that many Sweet Singles Ladies like Caucasian while he is not Caucasian but he wish to give himself a chance to find his Sweet Thai soul mate.   After talking with him, we can sense his kind heart, politeness, humbleness, patience, sincerity and a big heart inside his soul so we are really sure that the ladies will be interested in him and we can help him find the right one . Many Sweet Singles ladies like men NOT just because of his skin color but they consider the kind and good heart inside and the sincerity better.  We are sure that we can help to make this sincere gentleman's dream come true although he is not a Caucasian man.

15 Feb 2007 : :

" Zapp...Same...Same, a TV program of UBC which is a company that provide Cable TV services in Thailand came to interview Sweet Singles Staff today.  The program will be aired on 21 Feb 2007.



5 Jan 2007 :  An English Male member came to visit Sweet Singles with a gift in his hand.


16 Dec 2006 : Lovely Sweet Singles came to say Merry Christmas


14 Dec 2006 : A correspondent from AFP coming to interview Sweet Singles Happy Couples.

11 DEC 2006 :  MISS VALENTINE 06  visited Sweet Singles and surprised us.


NOV 06 :   The Lucky Mr. November from U.S.A........He found a wonderful Birthday present.


3 Aug 2006 :  ITV will be coming to the Sweet Singles Bangkok offices on Aug 5, to do an Interview with the Sweet Singles Manager . They wish to know why Thai ladies wish to have foreign husbands; and why while many are successful in their searching, some are not, and some have reportedly even been deceived by men wishing to lure them into foreign prostitution.  We will be discussing the ways that Sweet Singles Dating Agenecy works to protect our Thai ladies from becoming victoms of such scams.   This is a VERY IMPORTANT issue to us, as our desire has always been to provide the safest possible introduction services for both foreign gentlemen and these lovely Thai women (whom we hold in the highest of respect) to meet potential foreign suitors for marriage.  The interview is scheduled to air on ITV, 12 Aug, 2006 at 10:10 PM.


 9 - 12 June 06 :  Thailand, World's Royals Celebrate King's Anniversary

June 9, 2006 -- Thailand began five days of celebrations marking King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 60 years on the throne, together with Emperor Akihito of Japan, Prince Albert II of Monaco and royals from 23 other countries.


4 June 06:  Special Male Members from USA, UK and Australia coming to meet with Sweet Singles Ladies at Sweet Singles Thailand this week.


1 June 06: **** Sweet Singles Ladies who have day off today came to Sweet Singles office. They insisted that the other site copied their pictures and presented fake profiles with their pictures.  ****

29 May 06:  We found Sweet Singles Ladies'pictures and profiles have been illegally copied and posted on one web site.   ** Find out more Here  **( This site already removed Sweet Singles ladies' pictures and fake profiles after we contacted and prove to them that our ladies'pictures have been copied.   They asked us to not mention the name of their web site  on the HOT NEWS after the pictures have been removed.   )


17 May 06 : One Thai lady got killed because of the fake picture that one guy put on a web site.

We are truly sorry for the death of a Thai lady who got killed by a man who chat with her over the internet from other web site this month.  This is a true sad story that just happened in May 2006.  This is the real news on many newspapers in Thailand recently.     The guy put a fake picture on a web site and chat with a Thai lady over the internet through one web site.  He lied to her that he was half spain (Caucasian) while he is actually from Pakistan.  He convinced her to come to meet with him in Bangkok. She travelled from her hometown in Ubon province to meet with him alone by herself.  He took her to a hotel. When She knew that he lied to her, she got angry and blamed him then he killed her and still chopped her dead body into many pieces so as to avoid being captured by the policemen.  Nowadays, many Thai women are scared of contacting with men over the internet themselves. 


17 April 06  :    Ying(3SP5197) came to visit Sweet Singles office with 2 baskets of Milk.  WoW!



15  March 06   :  News from a Happy Couples in the Netherlands.


31 Dec 05  :  

 * * * Who is the kindest Sweet Single of the Year ?     Click Here


 * * * Who are The most Popular Sweet Singles of the Year ?

  kwan5220ni4418wonfon3043 , ann4940 , 5528  


* * * Who are the sexiest Sweet Singles of the Year ? 

5068,   oh5256,    ni4418,   wonfon3043, ann4940,   5656may5525


  *Which Sweet Singles are online often ?

, kwan52205673   5846,   5532    5704


31 Dec 05 :  Be careful...  Several Sweet Singles Pictures have been illegally copied and posted on A WEB SITE as filipina women.     Find out more here

( ***This site already removed Sweet Singles Ladies on their site now ****)


17 Dec 05 : Happy News from a Happy Couple who have been married for 4 years in Denmark.


16 Oct : One of Miss Sweet Singles of Oct 05, Ann (SP5707) drove her car from Nan province in the north to Sweet Singles along with her female friend and they have a chance to meet with a special male member from Boston, USA.  She look much better in person


10 Oct : Jeep (SP4411) , a lovely English speaking civil engineer who is a Sweet Single lady coming to Sweet Singles office. We took her new sexy pictures.




11 Sep 05 : The 2 sisters Tai , Pom and her friend came to visit Sweet Singles along with Pom's son who is half Thai half American and a lot of friuts to say thank you to Sweet Singles.  Pom also brought many pictures of her wedding to give to Sweet Singles office too.



9 Sep 05 : May (SP5525), An attractive female member came to Sweet Singles to learn how to log into her account to check message from others. May doesn't have her own computer at home and rarely go to an internet shop.   When she walked into our office, we thought that she look like a famous singer as she she changed her hair style and make her look   so pretty, sexy and feminine. She wore black sexy top, pink skirt and yellow white and pink high heel.  May said that if anyone wish to see her, she would like to meet with him at Sweet Singles first.   ( In the future, she may consider the first meeting outside Sweet Singles) View her profile and new pictures now.


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