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happytore.jpg (22919 bytes)    Just married !

     A Norwegian Gentleman and Our Sweet Singles Thai lady are married now.   The lady has relocated to  OSLO, NORWAY.


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*** Some feed back from An American gentleman.

----- Original Message -----
From: James G. Ingle
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2001 4:39 AM
Subject: Message from Jim member #ASR229074443

Hi Bee,

I just wanted to tell you thankyou very much for all that your office did for me, I met some very nice ladies and Kat was very helpful and very kind to me. I am sure now that i will find that right Thai lady for me as this trip to Bangkok was a very good one and I have much in common with Thai culture. I have already booked my air fare back to Bangkok for a return trip i will be coming the last week of November and staying for 3 weeks this time. I will want you to book the same hotel (The sweet resort) for my 3 week stay. I will be looking forward to coming back to your office and working with Kat again. As the November date grows closer i will want you to lock in my hotel room for me if possible. Would 1 month in advance be good for you to reserve room or is that in season and should I lock in earlier? Will I be able to get the same special rate as before?

Thanks again for everything and I will look forward to coming back in November.

Take Care, Jim

PS Bee i hope you received your glass gift that I left at the office for you. It's just a little thank you gift.


glassgift4.jpg (34748 bytes) Dear Jim,

           Thank you very much for your kindness and lovely gift to Sweet Singles Thailand.     I am sorry that I was away for Europe during your arrival but I am sure that Kat and our talented team work can contact lovely nice ladies to meet with you and could help to make your dream come true because they have helped other gentlemen find their wives very quickly.

     They told that you are a very nice and warmhearted gentleman and many ladies like you too.    You will surely get the same special discount room rate at the hotel you like and still be upgraded to a superior room at no additional charge as usual on your second trip to Thailand. The hotel will arrange free transportation to pick you up at the airport on your arrival date and see you off at the airport on your departure date. 

I will be available to welcome you in Nov 2001 and we look forward to assisting you in your search for a nice Thai soul mate and we are sure that one of our  sweet lovely ladies will be a part of your life in the near future.

Best wishes & Regards,

Bee & Sweet Singles Thailand.

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    Thank you to Sweet Singles & Amazing Thai for bringing a lovely Thai wife to my life.  Aom is a nice Thai lady who is caring, loving, generous and has good hospitality.      


  Aom and Andres just got married in Denmark in Sep 2001.


Congratulations !!

Sweet Singles Thai ladies



andersaom1.jpg (46511 bytes)



A lovely Thai bride and her Thai friends in DENMARK on the wedding's day between Aom (A Sweet Single lady) and Andres (A male member from Denmark)





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     " WE have found our sweet Thai wives from Sweet Singles Thailand. "


(All pictures was taken at Sweet Singles Thailand in July, 2001)





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      Hi, We are brothers    from Denmark.  

       We live in the same house, we joined Sweet Singles at the same day and the same plan, 





happydanish1.jpg (31722 bytes)happydanish22.jpg (26065 bytes)we came to Thailand  at the same day, same month, same year and the same flight TG951.

We stay at the same hotel  and

Very Lucky that we have found different Thai wives

because Sweet Singles have so many lovely ladies...... otherwise we must have a big problem.... !!


   All the best,

  Lucky men from Denmark.



     heart.gif (1089 bytes)  RICHARD,  a gentleman from Denmark has corresponded with ROR (2032) for 2 letters and came to  meet and get married with her on his first trip to Sweet Singles Thailand.      

    The lady is very happy to meet and marry him. She told us that she was really  appreciated his sincerity to meet and spend time with her in Thailand 


        Congratulations !!




-      Dear  Sweet Singles,  

  We want you to remove  Ror  number  T194 I 2032   because we got married  in Thailand on  20/06-01.   You  can use  Ror and me to the list as a  Happy Couple on Sweet Singles web site,  NO PROBLEM.

With kind regards 


Ror and Richard







aomanders1.jpg (19752 bytes)

Another Danish gentleman found his Thai wife

at Sweet Singles Thailand.




aomanders2.jpg (19547 bytes)


Aom 2SILV1791 is unavailable now.





aomanders3.jpg (23210 bytes) 

   Aom will take her mother to celebrate her wedding ceremony in Denmark.




tikstewart.jpg (21948 bytes)

A handsome man and a Sweet girl.

A gentleman from England has found his sweet Thai wife on his first trip to Thailand.


(The picture was taken at Sweet Singles Thailand.)





neilwong1.jpg (41540 bytes)Another English gentleman found his Sweet fiancee on his second trip to Thailand.

He didn't find the right person on his first trip to Thailand but he was not discouraged and eventually found his sweet lovely fiancee on this second trip to Thailand.   







neilwong2.jpg (42623 bytes)











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