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ss3.jpg (22409 bytes)


23 Yrs : Greetings from Sunny and Rainy Thailand.    I'm sweet, beautiful Thai woman who smiles all the times.  Yes, I do smile......because I'm happy, healthy, and I think life has lots of wonderful possibilities awaiting all of us.

ss1.jpg (19449 bytes)


23 Yrs : In general, I'm a compassionate, considerate, family-loving type of woman...  and sincere to everybody I know. Above all, If I love someone, I will devote ALL of my heart and Love to him, with sincerity to last a lifetime. If I meet the man of my dreams, he will surely find true love and a soul mate for life.


ss7.jpg (14388 bytes)


23 Yrs : I dream of having a Caucasian soul mate   One who is goodhearted, warm, kind and hospitable to others.  One who understands the importance of tollerance, and is not quick to pass judgement on others.  He should be sincere, and able to love with his whole heart.   That's all I seek.  And I will surely love him twice as much in return. :)


ss5.jpg (17786 bytes)


23 Yrs : Age is not so important for me . I don't know who he is... or how old he is...and that's not as important, as is that we can share the deepest understanding of each other's desires...and "get along well" with deep and sincere understanding.   

s1.jpg (10044 bytes)


38 Yrs : My English is GOOD. I've 2 Master's degree, one in Pharmacy from U.K. and another one in Business Administration (M.B.A). Now, I take English course in Kentucky, USA. Still seeking a soul mate in my life. 


s1.jpg (8938 bytes)


28 Yrs : I live and work in Chiang rai, The northest province of Thailand.  My English is good. Seeking an Asian/Caucasiasn soul mate 30 up, gentle, family loving and not hot tempered.  I like to be contacted by corresponding via email or internet first because I have my own com at home. I'm flexible about having a child and where to live after marriage.

s1.jpg (9671 bytes)

6217 Sweet Lady

29 Yrs : I live and work for a travel agency ( Golf Tour ) in Phuket.  Seeking a soul mate who is kind, goodhearted, financially stable, reasonable, compassionate, not hot tempered, romantic, like music, nature, travelling. Thai food because I'm a good cook. Above all, " Love me Love my dog ". He should love and dont't mind animals because I've one dog.



ss1.jpg (14624 bytes)


18 Yrs : Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate 25-35 yrs, goodhearted, good personality, financially stable, a nice guy  who has a sense of humore and  is not self centered




ss1.jpg (17234 bytes)

ss2.jpg (15614 bytes)


34 Yrs : My English is fair. Seekign a soul mate 40-60 yrs, kind, responsible, financially stable and like nature if possible. I like to be contacted by corresponding via email, internet first. I've been to Australia and Japan for vacation.


ss1.jpg (17216 bytes)

ss2.jpg (12562 bytes)


27 Yrs : Seeking a soul mate 40-55 yrs, good humored, mature, fianncially stable, don't smoke, sincere, love children, one woman man, not a womaniser and should be responsible.

ss1.jpg (12016 bytes)

ss2.jpg (11937 bytes)


27 Yrs : I work as a professional nurse at a hospital. Seeking a soul mate 28 -50 yrs, white, tall, kind, family loving, financially stable, don't smoke. He should have similar personalities as mine, patient and not violent or mean to women.

ss2.jpg (15686 bytes)

ss1.jpg (9945 bytes)


30 Yrs : I've a Bachelor of Accounting. Seeking a soul mate 40 up, kind, family loving, responsible, not a liar.  I wish to be contacted by corresponding via email or internet first. I've my own computer and internet at home.

ss1.jpg (12017 bytes)

ss2.jpg (14849 bytes)


20 Yrs : I live and work in Ayudthaya. Seeking a soul mate 30-50+, goodhearted and a nice guy.

ss1.jpg (14958 bytes)

ss2.jpg (14648 bytes)


28 Yrs : I wish to have a soul mate 30 - 50, sincere, family loving, caring, financially stable and can take care of each other, will grow old together. He doesn't need to be rich but should not be poor and have a difficult life either. He should not smoke but can drink occasionally. I prefer meeting to corresponding. i would like to live abroad but would not like to have more children after marriage.

ss1.jpg (16771 bytes)

ss2.jpg (15651 bytes)


40 Yrs : I completed the training program on Thai Massage from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society. I work as a masseuse at a nice resort in Korat province. Seeking a soul mate 45-55+ yrs, kind, family loving, financially stable.

ss1.jpg (23513 bytes)

ss2.jpg (18223 bytes)


30 Yrs : I'm a teacher from Chiangmai. I've a Master's degree in Education. My English is fair. Seeking a kind soul mate who is responsible and a non smoker.  I'm flexible about having children and living after marriage.

 s2.jpg (9389 bytes)


User Name :  supranee

26 Yrs Seeking a nice guy with good values,  open mind, 30-50+,  Someone who can be himself, can make me happy and smile from inside. If you are honest to yourself, please contact me, if you're a playboy or just want to play game with me then please leave me alone.  I want the only one who is ready to   start a Relationship? If you're  not sure and don't know what you really want in your life then, please don't contact me.

ss2.jpg (15691 bytes)


26 Yrs : I'm very healthy, working as a Medical Technologist of Laboratory Department at a Hostpital in Bangkok. Seeking a soul mate who can be together no matter good or bad times, someone who will share fun, love and live with me. Someone who can give me an encouragement when I'm discouraged, someone who can wipe my tear when I'm sad, someone who will laugh together when we're happy.  If you're 30-50+ and have a chance to get to know me well, I'm sure you will like me and not disappointed in me.

ss1.jpg (21293 bytes)


27 Yrs : I've a Bachelor of Science program in Biology. Working as a Q.C. Seeking  an Asian/Caucasian/Thai soul mate 29-50+ yrs, kind, gentle, tender, tall, not fat, financially stable.  I'm flexible about having children and where to live after marriage. Would like to be contacted by corresponding, meeting, spending time to get to know each other in person.


ss1.jpg (13341 bytes)


24 Yrs : I work as an assistant doctor at a clinic in Bangkok. I was born and grew up in Chiang rai, The northest province of Thaialnd.   Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate 35-50 yrs, good humored, good hearted, good personality, good speaking (soft spoken), not rude, not a cripple.      He should be healthy, has 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 eyebrows,  2 arms, 2 elbows,  2 hands,  2 legs, 1 head, 1 nose, 1 neck, 1 mouth, 1 chin, 1 belly button, ....etc for TOTAL =    32.

 ss2.jpg (12732 bytes)


User Name : strawberry

25 Yrs : I'm studying for a Master's degree in Political Science. My English is fair.  Seeking a friend/soulmate if the chemistry is right.

x1.jpg (11812 bytes)


User Name :oom_song

24 Yrs : I'm from Srisaket. Seeking a soul mate 35-45 yrs, kind, sincere, can take care of the family.  I like a nice guy. Single, divorced, widowered is Ok.

s1.jpg (9469 bytes)


User Name : nuch2722

26 Yrs : I like animals, cleaning, computer, shopping, sport, TV. Seeking man 35-48, a nice man with average looks is OK.

s1.jpg (9488 bytes)


User Name :appthai

26 Yrs : I would like to have a boyfriend 27-40 yrs, self confident, be himself, optimistic, sincere, faithful to his wife and can love my family too.

 s1.jpg (32251 bytes)


31 Yrs : I work as a Nurse in Korat province. My English is fair. Seeking a soul mate 35 - 48, talkative, friendly and not picky.

 ss1.jpg (20569 bytes)

ss2.jpg (21982 bytes)


34 Yrs : My English is fair. Seeking a soul mate 40-60 yrs, sincere, responsible, clean, patient, no gamble.

ss1.jpg (17314 bytes)

ss2.jpg (18040 bytes)


30 Yrs : My English is fair. I work as a Manager at a Beauty Clinic.  Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate 31-50 yrs, sincere, faithful, gentle, educated, financially stable,  romantic and like cleanliness

 ss1.jpg (22384 bytes)

ss2.jpg (16815 bytes)


25 Yrs : I work at a coffee shop at a nice beach of Phuket, Thailand. Seekinga Caucasian soul mate 30-50, kind, warmhearted, generous, gentel, sincere, financially stable, not a womaniser.

6180_2s.jpg (13928 bytes)


6180_16s.jpg (13044 bytes)


29 Yrs : My English is fair, Seeking a Caucasian soul mate 35-55 yrs, goodhearted, romantic, sincere, helpful, family loving and love children. I prefer to be contacted by corresponding via email or internet first

s1.jpg (9269 bytes)

ss2.jpg (10542 bytes)


28 Yrs : I'm a teacher  from Roi Ed in the North East. Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate any age, goodhearted, financially stable, cheerful, warmhearted, kind, have a sense of humored.

newss1.jpg (9358 bytes)

newss2.jpg (18992 bytes)


30 Yrs : My English is GOOD.   I joined Sweet Singles because My younger sister found her nice beloved husband here and  I'm also genuinely seeking a Caucasian soul mate 30 - 60 + , generous, faithful, family loving, romantic, financially stable, optimistic.

s1.jpg (14013 bytes)


s3.jpg (12862 bytes)


37 Yrs :" ARE YOU MY RIGHT PERSON?  Love is a wonderful story that will happen... even to a normal woman like me.  Love is not just finding the right person, but it's creating the right relationship together.  I believe the meeting of two people... though it may seem by accident; could be an accident always meant to happen.  For first impressions are usually illusions, which don't always reveal the "right person."  That must come from deep within the heart...when suddenly "you just know" that being with this person feels like "being at home." So when I initially meet a man, I do so accepting whichever conclusion it brings; listening to my heart to know if we are "right for each other"... or not.  And if not; well, that's okay too.  For the initial meetings are not the Love Story itself...but just a potential beginning, to what could be years of fullfillment of each other's dreams and goals

ss6.jpg (7109 bytes)

ss3.jpg (28833 bytes)

ss7.jpg (14254 bytes)


25 Yrs : I'm a slim and tall Thai girl who is in a good shape. My English is fair.  Neither smoke nor drink.  Seeking a soul mate 30-55 yrs, kind mature,  good mixer, financially stable and above all, he must be genuinely seeking a Thai wife.

ss2.jpg (14203 bytes)

ss3.jpg (14830 bytes)

 ss4.jpg (12993 bytes)


29 Yrs : I am seeking my Caucasian soul mate 35-59 yrs, kind, calm, patient, unselfish, reasonable, love and faithful, have a sense of humor, financially stable. I would like to be contacted by corresponding first .

Not available now


          Not available now



 ss1.jpg (19609 bytes)

ss2.jpg (18899 bytes)


36 Yrs : I have black eyes and black hair.  A Bachelor of  Business Computer.  Seeking a soul mate 35-50 yrs, cheerful,  sincere, faithful, family loving, love nature, good humored.


         ss1.jpg (13845 bytes)


ss2.jpg (11691 bytes)


43 Yrs : I'm calm, sincere, don't smoke but drink for social. I hate selfishness. Seeking a manture man 43 - 58 yrs, caring, responsible, good humored, take care of his health, not condemn others , unselfish and can solve the problem.


  ss1.jpg (22194 bytes)

ss2.jpg (18411 bytes)


22 Yrs : I found Sweet Singles from T.V.   I'm from Udon thani province in the north east of Thailand. Seeking an Asian/ Caucasian soul mate upto 46 yrs, goodhearted, responsible, family loving.

           ss2.jpg (13475 bytes)

s1.jpg (18255 bytes)



27 Yrs : I'm very caring, sweet, soft spoken,... Seeking a soul mate  30-55 yrs, kind, playful, caring, romantic, talkative.

6148s1.jpg (23054 bytes)

6148 (Sweet Lady)

29 Yrs : Seeking an Asian/ Caucasian soul mate 38-55 yrs, calm, patient, not jealous, love children. He could drink or smoke occasionally.




ss1.jpg (22216 bytes)


29 Yrs : I've a Bahcelor of Science (Food Science and Technology.).  My English is fair.  Seeking an Asian/ Caucasian soul mate 34-55 yrs, has similar personalities as mine.



           ss1.jpg (15693 bytes)                                 SP6154

29 Yrs : My English is Fair. I'm cheerful, one man woman, cheerful, neither get mad nor jealous easily.  Seeking a soul mate 30-50 yrs, responsible, one woman man, kind, romantic, good humored, generous, financially stable, family loving, honor Thai women and don't condemn others 

            x1.jpg (4333 bytes)             SPF039


34 Yrs : My English is good. I am a nurse in Udonthani. I am attractive thai women who is kind ,intelligent and honest . I like  to see the world and tralvel. my hobbies are cooking and playing sport  I am looking for the man 30-50+,  good looking , good heart and can share the sameinterests.

 s11.jpg (13603 bytes)

s22.jpg (10497 bytes)



25 Yrs : My English is good. Seeking a soul mate 25-40+ yrs, cheerful, faithful, financially stable, family loving, warmhearted, gentle, can drink and smoke only little sometimes.


      ss1.jpg (16980 bytes) 

ss2.jpg (12311 bytes)


27 Yrs : Seeking a soul mate 30 up.   I would like to be contacted by corresponding, meeting.

I would like to live in Thailand and have my own child.


ss1.jpg (18272 bytes)

ss2.jpg (13956 bytes)


33 Yrs : My English is fair. Seeking a soul mate 40-60 yrs, mature, kind, warmhearted, not jealous, helpful, understanding.

My proverb : Happy Life is based on Understanding.



       ss2scan.jpg (16256 bytes) 


User name :   "Alichar "

38 Yrs : I've a Master of Education from a University. My English is fair. I'm professional and working in Kalasin province. I'm optimistic, friendly, goodhearted, compassionate, hospitable to others. Seeking a soul mate 40-60 yrs,  kind, goodhearted, unattached, industrious, responsible, sincere,   financially stable.

s11.jpg (10018 bytes)


s12.jpg (17046 bytes)


( peach17)

25 Yrs : My English is very good. I've a Bachelor of Economics. Working as an Administrative Assistant.   I am excellent in both speaking and writing English and now learning German and French. I would like to get to know someone who will complete me and won't hurt me in any ways. I pass good and bad experiences in relationship but this time I'm looking for long term relationship, and I want to love and to be love and to share my laugh, love and life with my special one which can be you. :)

Seeking a soul mate 25-40 yrs, goodhearted, faithful, sincere, have a good sense of humor.

x1.jpg (24022 bytes)

s2.jpg (28178 bytes)


29 Yrs : I live in Satul province in the South. I've been on holidays to Denmark and Sweden.   Seeking a Caucasian soul mate 25-49, goodhearted, non smoking, responsible,

  ss1.jpg (30508 bytes)

ss3.jpg (12786 bytes)

 ss2.jpg (15535 bytes)


29 Yrs : I like internet and have my own com and net at home. Seeking a soul mate 40-60 yrs, patient, responsible, funny, smile easily and not get mad often, not womaniser each month, don't get drunk each week.

   ss1.jpg (23153 bytes)


s2.jpg (8901 bytes)


ss4.jpg (19540 bytes)



27 Yrs : Seeking a soul mate  40 up, kind, good habbits, family loving, good humored, patient, warmhearted and look good.

small3.jpg (5171 bytes)


small4.jpg (3809 bytes)


small2.jpg (6182 bytes)



27 Yrs : Hi, I am cheerful, good humored, talkative, social, good mixer and I have many friends. Seeking a Caucasian soul mate 25-50+, I like a polite man who is funny, family loving and get along well with me



small1.jpg (5198 bytes)

small3.jpg (4954 bytes)

small5.jpg (6616 bytes)


28 Yrs : I can speak, read and write English reasonably well. I am cheerful, talkative, social, romantic, family loving and I get along well with others. I am seeking a nice soul mate 27 - 60 , goodhearted, trustworthy, healthy both physically and mentally. I think that one of the most important things in my life is seeking a nice soul mate, having a nice husband, family and my parents.  


ss3.jpg (23078 bytes)


ss5.jpg (14799 bytes)


ss4.jpg (9312 bytes)


32 Yrs :I work as a general manager.  I'm good humored, faithful, talkative. Seeking a Caucasian soul mate 35-55 yrs, kind, family loving, good humored and not a liar.


s1.jpg (8498 bytes)

s3.jpg (12585 bytes)


s2.jpg (9457 bytes)


38 Yrs : I'm kind, responsible, punctual. I like cooking and housework so I can be a housewife too. Seeking man 37 - 55 yrs, cheerful, kind, responsible, patient, not a womaniser.

ss1.jpg (18010 bytes)


24 Yrs : Don't play game with me and Don't Copy my picutres or I will shot you...Uhmm  !

ss2.jpg (14061 bytes)


I'm Hindo and Buddhist. My religion teach me to not tell a lie, not steal things, not be a butterfly and don't eat beef.

          so11.jpg (11694 bytes)



ss3.jpg (10502 bytes)


24 Yrs : I work as a nurse. Seeking a soul mate 30-50+, goodhearted, cheerful, romantic, unselfish. He can be any religion and doesn't need to be Hindo or Buddhist.

    s1.jpg (8362 bytes)

s2.jpg (7403 bytes)



36 Yrs : I'm kind and optimistic. Seeking a kind man who is sincere and financially stable, 36 - 50 yrs.  I like corresponding, meeting and would like to have my own child after marriage.



wirongrongns1_small.jpg (19506 bytes)


37 Yrs : My English is VERY GOOD. I am not Miss Beauty and not Miss Perfect . I am an honest Thai lady but sometimes I can be straight forward also.I have golden heart. I am the person who always have these 4 words in my entire life   forget,  forgive,  give,  recieve and you can be sure that I am not selfish woman.

I am not looking for Mr. Perfect..I look for only one who can be my lover , my good friend , my husband and I hope you have these words with you too . ..Forgive , forget , give and recieve.To be with each other til the rest of life we need to have those words, do you agree or not? You are white guy aged from 30-60, taller than 173 cm , still have your own hair and your own teeth..You love Thai lady and ofcourse you can eat thai food if ...........


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