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Hi, Greetings from a lovely Asian girl in Thailand.  My Nick name is PU.





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I'm single, no children

and never been married before.


















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I'm friendly, lovely, down to earth

and have a beauty Thai style. 

I'm friendly to every body and I can talk to any one with a lovely Thai smile no matter he is a Millionaire or a Beggar, High Class, Middle Class, Low Class, Business Class, Economy Class or NO Class (Except No Clothes or Naked ! ).













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I'm 172 cm tall, 51 Kg weigh, Slim, Slender and
in a good shape.

I worked for a 5 star Hotel in Bangkok but just recently gone to take French course in Switzerland for 6 months.   


Now, I'm back to Bangkok and I take English course 5 days a week.  That is the reason why my English is Good and I can speak French too.














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I enjoy cooking, reading, spa,
and travelling.


I have been on holidays to Italy, Japan, U.S.A, France, Austria, Switzerland, Malaysia,...etc.


What about you ?


Have you ever been to my country, Thailand ?











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In general, I'm very friendly, funny, patient, down to earth, sincere, cheerful and good humored.


I like to smile and laugh.    I can learn things quickly.














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I 'm not photogenic
and my pictures look terrible
but people said that I look better in person.



















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It is very cold here
but people are so warmhearted.















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Well, I wish you enjoy viewing my pictures and
if you would like to view more pictures of me at Sweet Singles office in Thailand.


Please click Here to view more pics.


Please click here to view my profile.


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and search for my User Name :   PUPU24









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